Horicon Discontinuing Cable TV Program

(Horicon) The Horicon Common Council approved a resolution this week disbanding their cable television program. For years, the city has had local access channel 992 through the Charter Communications network. A Cable Television Commission was created at the time to help oversee the channel and equipment was acquired to broadcast city council meetings. Horicon has not broadcasted a meeting in over seven years due to waning public interest to assist in the broadcast’s setup. Mayor Steven Neitzel says the commission has not been active in years due to a lack of members. Neitzel says the resolution takes the program out of limbo but adds that the commission could be reestablished at a later date. Mayoral candidate Jim Grigg says there should be a plan in place for residents to view council meetings before the program is gotten rid of. He says having a way for the public to view city meetings is open and transparent government. Grigg’s opponent and current Council President Nathan Anfinson says city officials are looking into the possibility of updating their broadcasting equipment. He says discussions have been held about creating a YouTube channel or into streaming services and fixed cameras which is what Columbus is currently doing. The move by the council relinquishes channel 992 back to Charter for general purpose use. The city will still be able to collect revenues from franchise fees which comes from the cable subscribers that is divided up throughout the state. Currently no plan is in place for the aging equipment that sits behind the council chamber.