Horicon Council Approves Permit To Remove Geese

5/24/17 – The days might be numbered for geese living in the “city on the marsh.” The Horicon City Council approved a permit last night to kill as many geese as needed this year within city limits.  The goal is to get the birds out of city parks. Urban Goose Management Team Chair Joseph Adamson says the city has done this each year since 1999 in an effort to keep aggressive and territorial geese away from residents. The Urban Goose Management Team will meet next month to determine how many geese, if any, need to be removed. There were 91 geese targeted for extermination in Horicon last year which is far less than the 285 taken in 2002 but above the 36 killed in 2015.  While this year’s cost was not given, exterminating the geese has cost the city between $1,500-$2,000 in previous years. Adamson says the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service would use fences to round up the geese.  The birds are then euthanized using an unspecified method and the meat is processed for food pantries.