Horicon Council Adopts Lead Lateral Replacement Ordinance

3/1/17 – The Horicon City Council Tuesday night approved an ordinance that makes property owners responsible for replacing any lead laterals that are discovered during construction or emergency repairs. The underground water laterals run from the street right-of-way into a residence and may be made out of lead in older homes. Public Works Committee Chair Carl Fausett says prior to the ordinance adoption, the city had no authority to have the pipes replaced. The new ordinance requires a property owner to have the lateral replaced within 30 days if it is found as a result of a planned street project. The property owner has six months for replacement if the lead lateral is discovered during an unscheduled water utility repair. The homeowner is financially responsible for the upgrade and can choose between having the city perform the work or hiring a private contractor. City officials last night also approved the reconstruction of South Wind Trail and Fausett says it was important to get the lateral ordinance adopted because there are likely several lead pipes in the construction area.