Horicon Council Adopts Complete Streets Policy

(Horicon) The Horicon Common Council approved a resolution this week designating the city as a Complete Streets community. Under the program, a municipality may seek grants from the state and federal government for up to 80-percent of the costs of reconstructing a street with sidewalks, bike lanes and other features that take in consideration pedestrians, children and those with disabilities. Alderman Carl Fausett says they already had a Complete Streets guideline in place when officials with the Dodge County Blue Zones Project came forward asking the city to update their street ordinance. He says the work that the city had already been doing on street rehabilitation dove-tailed nicely to what the Blue Zones Project was pushing for. Fausett says the initiative was also aided by the recent expansion of the John Deere facility and the increase of jobs it helped create. He says the city is interested in figuring out how a John Deere employee can get to work through options other than an automobile. Currently, there are no sidewalks that lead to the plant and Fausett adds that individuals can bicycle but they would be doing so on the shoulder of the road with heavy traffic. Plans include linking the sidewalks and trails from a future housing development called Rock River Place to the John Deere plant in the hopes of attracting potential employees to live in Horicon. He says another preliminary idea includes making Bowling Green Park the central hub for all biking activity for nearby trails such as Wild Goose and the Tour de Marsh. Fausett says the Department of Public Works will begin laying out early implementation details during their February committee meeting.