Horicon Archaeological Festival Returns This Weekend

(Horicon) The public is encouraged to head to Horicon for an archaeological festival this weekend. The event is sponsored by the Rock River Archaeological Society, which is a nonprofit organization for those who are interested in archaeology and human history.

At the festival, there will be many activities for adults and children to enjoy including a buck skinner encampment presented by Dirty Kettle and friends. Rock River Archaeological Society President Julie Flemming explains.

“He comes along with his teepee [and] all [of] his Indian artifacts, to show people,” says Flemming.

Other features of the encampment include a flute and drum circle, tomahawk throwing, flint knapping demonstrations, and home cooked food. There will also be a Fox of the River Voyageur canoe on display where attendees can learn about the life of a voyageur.

“They are going to be doing a program each day on who the voyageurs were. The voyagers were probably no more than twelve years old,” says Flemming.  

She goes on to say that the voyagers would pick 12-year-old farm boys from Europe because they did not know how to swim. That way, if the canoe flipped over, the young people would cling to the furs on the canoe and peddle them to shore.

The Horicon Marsh Archaeological Festival is taking place this weekend at the Horicon Marsh Visitors and Educational Center located on Highway 28 between Horicon and Mayville. The event begins at 10am and run until 4pm on Saturday, October 8th, and 10am to 3pm on Sunday, October 9th.

The event is free to the public. For more information, you can reach out to Julie Flemming via email at j[email protected] or by phone at 920-928-6094.