Horicon Approves Trail In Place Of Sidewalk

5/24/17 – City officials in Horicon last night approved the installation of a seven-foot asphalt path on Washington Street instead of a four-foot concrete sidewalk. Washington Street from Leroy Meats to Valley Street will undergo a $600-thousand-dollar reconstruction this summer with new roadway, curb gutters and sidewalk – at least on the north side of the street. Mayor Steve Neitzel endorsed the seven-foot path on the south side saying that it will be the first multi-use trail in the city. He also cited its proximity to River Bend Park and the healthy benefits of having a path that could be used for walking and biking. Opponents said because it is the first trail in Horicon, city code does not specify who is responsible for clearing snow and how assessments are handled. The resolution adopted last night specified that the path is to be maintained and assessed as if it were a city sidewalk with the abutting property owners responsible for a portion of the costs and upkeep. Reconstruction of Washington Street will begin in August after the $1.4-million-dollar reconstruction South Wind Trail which is underway right now.