Horicon Adopts Balanced 2018 City Budget

11/22/17 – The Horicon Common Council adopted the 2018 city budget at their meeting Tuesday night. The $3.7-million budget includes a tax levy of $2.3-million up around 7.5-percent from the current budget. Horicon residents will see a decrease in the mill rate for the city portion of their taxes. The $9.73 tax rate approved is five-cents less than the number homeowners saw last December. During budget deliberations, the Committee of the Whole was able to trim roughly $157,000 dollars to meet state levy limits and balance the budget. Mayor Steve Neitzel says that this is the first time in recent history that the city approved a budget that did not require dipping into the general fund. He says that was a big accomplishment but as a result several areas of focus had to be sacrificed. The numbers were balanced primarily by removing maintenance projects from the Public Safety and Municipal buildings as well as eliminating funding for the city’s Economic Development Director. Neitzel says despite several cutbacks the budget was able to target several needed projects. He says more money was put into mill and overlay projects in order to improve several roads. Also included in the budget is the resurfacing of the tennis court at River Bend Park. Neitzel says this budget allows Horicon to qualify for the state’s expenditure restraint program, which rewards municipalities that choose to keep spending in check.