Hopper Arrested For OWI

10/18/11 – Former state Senator Randy Hopper refused to take a breath test until he spent a few hours in jail for his drunk driving arrest near Fond du Lac. Sheriff’s officials said Hopper’s blood alcohol level was still above the minimum of point-zero-eight. The exact figure is expected to be in an arrest report that’s due out today. It’s the first O-W-I arrest for Hopper, who was recalled from his Senate post in August due to his support for the law which limits public union bargaining. A witness told authorities that the 45-year-old Hopper was driving “all over the road” Sunday afternoon on a four-lane expressway on Highway 151. Officers said Hopper refused to take a preliminary breath test after he was stopped – and he failed a series of field sobriety tests. A blood sample was not taken, but sheriff’s officials say that’s only done when injuries are involved. Hopper’s girlfriend, Valerie Cass, was in the vehicle. She called somebody for a ride home, and Hopper spent 12 hours in jail before he was freed early yesterday.