Homeland Security Arrests Former Dodge County Man

3/8/12 – Homeland Security has arrested a former Dodge County man for violating a deferred prosecution agreement. The Sheriff’s Department says Liam Hrothgar Standish, former Daniel Standish, was taken into custody Tuesday at JFK International Airport in New York. Standish was originally arrested in late December of 2008 for attempting to strangle his wife, who was only

able to escape by jumping out of a second floor window. He entered into the deferred prosecution agreement in July of 2009. This past August, authorities were able to determine that he had violated the conditions of his agreement by leaving the country and a warrant was issued for his arrest. The Sheriff’s Department received a call Tuesday night that Border Patrol agents had taken him into custody after getting off a flight from Germany. Sheriff Todd Nehls called it a great example of interagency cooperation that stretched across the country