Hollenbeck Jailed For Embezzlement

7/7/11 – A former bookkeeper with the Lebanon Sanitation Department will spend 54 days in jail for embezzlement. Brenda Hollenbeck pleaded guilty Wednesday to a felony count of Theft In A Business Setting Over $10,000 and had four felony counts of Forgery dismissed but read into the record. The 45-year-old wrote numerous checks to herself from the Sanitary District, cashed them and then kept the money. In four instances she forged her boss’s signature. Hollenbeck paid back some of $17,000 she was accused of stealing, and Judge John Storck ordered her to pay the balance due, just over $7700. If she fails to pay $2600 a year for the next three years, she would have to spend a month in jail. Hollenbeck was also placed on probation for three years but that could be extended as well if she fails to pay restitution.