Holiday Shopping Tips From Madison College Marketing Professor

(Wisconsin) If you didn’t get that gift you wanted on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, don’t worry.

Madison College marketing professor Steve Noll says that waiting for sales on something you want may be a lost cause when it comes to hot items.

“The general rule this year is if you find an item anywhere that you know you want, buy it. Don’t wait for it to go on sale because it may not be available the next day.”

Noll says that you should always, as a rule, shop around when you can, and see if the price being offered on the website you’re on is really a deal it’s advertised to be.

“As we get closer and closer to Christmas we will see products like that starting to dip in price as retailers realize that they may have inventory leftover.”

Noll says people should be careful with who they’re handing out their credit cards to online. If it’s not one of the major retailers, consider using a payment program like Paypal or Apple Pay.