History Of Beaver Dam Veterans Memorial At Oakwood

5/29/17 – A local monument has honored veterans for the past thirteen years. The Beaver Dam Veterans Memorial located at Oakwood Cemetery broke ground in 2004. Since then thousands of military members have had their names engraved on the monument. Memorial Committee member Paul Lauth says putting the names on the wall was something they had planned from the start. He says that early fundraising efforts helped get the names on the wall which was about 700 to 800 individuals. Lauth says the memorial kept growing so they had to add additional walls. The memorial was primarily paid for by donations totaling roughly $114,000. In 2011, expansion plans were made in order to add more names, help the flow of traffic, and to better prepare the park for the future. Lauth says the park’s original design had a hidden meaning to it. Bob Frankenstein, who designed the memorial, was an engineer in the military. Their insignia is in the shape of an H which Lauth says was how the original park was set up. Every Memorial Day, local residents and military servicemen alike attend a ceremony to honor those who have served our country.