Heffron’s Donate $10K To Rotary’s Beaver Dam River Walk

3/21/17 – The Beaver Dam Operations Committee last night approved enhancements to the new downtown river walk sponsored by the Rotary Club. The service organization has invested $50-thousand dollars so far on a river walk which includes a new sidewalk stretching along the Beaver Dam River starting in the Tower Parking lot north of the walking bridge. There is also green space continuing parallel to South Spring Street down to Mill Street. The Rotary Club’s Dan Larson brought an outdoor musical instrument – a xylophone – to last night’s meeting. The xylophone will join drums and one-to-three other outdoor musical devices in the park. The instruments come courtesy of a $10-thousand-dollar donation from city residents Tom and Judy Heffron.  The Rotary Club is asking the city to designate the river walk as a park. That designation is anticipated this year likely before the installation of the musical instruments which is targeted for late summer. Benches and trees will also be added to the park by the Rotary.