Heat Wave to Hit Beginning this Weekend

7/15/11 – Another heat wave is scheduled to hit Wisconsin this weekend – and race organizers are trying to avoid what happened in Milwaukee last Sunday. About two dozen runners were hospitalized after water supplies ran out early in the course at the Summerfest Rock-N-Sole race. And with temperatures climbing to the 90’s Sunday in most of Wisconsin, race organizers in Racine and Door County say they’re not taking any chances. The Racine Ironman event has ordered five-pounds of ice for each of the two-thousand participants. The Door County Triathlon has doubled its normal water supplies for the running course. Sprinklers and extra ice are also being added to the route. Experts say runners need to make sure they’re ready by drinking up to 24 ounces of water and sports drinks before race – and they’ll probably need at least a quart while they’re on the course to make up for the fluids they lose when they sweat. Athletes are also reminded to take more sodium to be ready for hot-weather events.