Hazmat Team May Be Forced to Respond to Calls Outside of Dodge County

1/14/12 – The Dodge County Hazmat Team may start responding to chemical spills outside of the county. Dodge County Emergency Management Director Joe Meagher says the state is hoping to restructure Hazmat teams statewide and is offering the county an additional $5000 a year to expand their response area to within one area of the county line. Meagher says Wisconsin Emergency Management proposed the restructuring to the state without talking to any of the affected agencies. He says there are a lot of unknowns at this point, including exactly who would pay for out-of-county clean-up costs. Level A Hazmat teams in large city’s like Milwaukee and Madison typically respond to the largest spills while Level B teams like the one in Dodge County handle most everything else. The Level B Hazmat team contains a spill but does not perform the

cleanup work; that is contracted out with a company like Veolia Environmental, at a cost of thousands of dollars. Meagher says local emergency management officials are hoping to get a seat on the state planning committee. He also plans on updating the Beaver Dam Police and Fire Commission of any development over the next few months as their 24-hour department stores Hazmat equipment and is the lead agency on the team.