Hartford Man Sentenced To 27 Years In Prison For Sex Trafficking

(Hartford) A Hartford man has been sentenced to 27 years in prison on federal sex trafficking charges. Christopher Childs had previously entered a guilty plea to one count of Sex Trafficking By Force, Fraud or Coercion.

The federal indictment detailed four women who were forced to dance at the strip clubs for no pay and perform sexual acts for money that went entirely to Childs. The offenses occurred starting in 2004 and continued through his arrest in March of 2018. The 48-year-old controlled the victims phone usage, told them what they could eat, took all of the money the victims made and would violently beat them if they failed to comply.

The complaint states that the prostitution occurred, among other places, inside the TNT Gentlemen’s Club in Lebanon and the Hardware Store in Clyman, both of which are now closed.

In imposing sentence, Chief Judge Pepper noted that Childs destroyed and dehumanized others for a feeling of control and for his own financial gain. Chief Judge Pepper explained that this was one of the most serious offenses the court had seen, as Childs victimized “person after person” for an extended period. Chief Judge Pepper also expressed the need for the court’s sentence to deter other traffickers from similar conduct.