Hartford Man Gets Probation In BD Pistol-Whipping

1/27/12 – A Hartford man was placed on probation for pistol-whipping in Beaver Dam last summer. It happened in the 600 block of Madison Street on August 4 around 2am. Mark Patterson pleaded “no contest” to Disorderly Conduct and Operating a Firearm While Intoxicated had four other misdemeanors and a felony dismissed but read into the record. According to the criminal complaint, the 46-year-old met up with a group of people at a Madison Street bar and they went to a nearby residence for an “after hours” party. A woman in the group says Patterson attempted to kiss her while the two were alone outside and then he became enraged and made up a story about her owing him $70. Patterson says he loaned her $70 so that she could purchase cocaine for herself then she lied about his advances and had the group kick him out so that she didn’t have to pay him back. Authorities say he pulled a gun and everyone ran into the house except a 23-year-old Beaver Dam man who apparently did not want Patterson messing with his car which was parked outside. Patterson says he approached the house looking for his money, was confronted by two men and acted in self-defense. His blood alcohol level was said to be point-one-four. The victim sustained a closed head injury, eye contusion and concussion.