Hartford Couple Charged With Smuggling Illegal Contraband Into Washington County Jail

(Hartford) A couple from Hartford have been charged for their roles in smuggling illegal contraband into the Washington County Jail. Forty-two-year-old Ryan Paxton is facing a felony charge of Possession of an Illegal Article while 33-year-old Stephanie Doll is charged with Deliver of Illegal Articles to an Inmate.

Last February, an inmate at the jail jumped off the second floor of his jail pod after putting a paper laced with drugs in his mouth. The inmate suffered severe injuries but was able to recover and allegedly revealed that Paxton had given him the paper. Investigators learned that Doll, who is Paxton’s girlfriend, had reportedly been purchasing the drug-laced papers over the internet.

Authorities say she would have their daughter draw pictures and write letters, as well as include family photographs to disguise them as normal correspondence in order to mail the drug into the facility.. Both Paxton and Doll face three-and-a-half years in prison, if convicted.

The jail has now implemented new procedures and tactics to screen inmate’s mail. Those incarcerated receive an electronic copy of their mail while the original is safely destroyed.