Harley Davidson Recall

10/25/11 – Milwaukee’s Harley-Davidson announced a recall Monday of over 308-thousand motorcycles to fix a switching problem that can cause brake lights to fail – and in some cases, the brakes themselves. The company said the recall involves Harley Touring, Trike, and C-V-O Touring bikes made from June of 2008 through September 16th. Harley said it would notify the affected owners about the problem. The recall affects a quarter-million bikes sold in the U-S, and over 50-thousand overseas. It involves a switch on a rear brake-light that could be exposed to excessive heat from the motorcycle’s exhaust system. Harley notified the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration about the problem, after a Trike motorcycle lost its rear brakes last year. It’s the only mishap the company’s aware of. Harley said excessive heat might cause the switch not to turn on the brake light – or to turn on the brake light even when a brake is not applied. Harley also said the problem could cause fluid to leak around brake light switch – and that could reduce the brakes’ performance. In any event, Harley says those conditions could cause a higher risk of an accident. Harley says dealers can install new brake light switches free of charge.