Meet Haley!
She is a 10 year old 45lb Bull Terrier mix.
This sweetheart made her way to the Dodge County Humane Society due to not pairing very well with the previous owners younger child. As dogs get older they also start to calm down and sometimes younger children just get to be a little to rambunctious for them. Haley was recently adopted out and only returned due to not wanting to share any of her attention with the other dog in the home. Haley does like the company of other dogs just not in her home.
Haley is an extremely sweet, calm, and loving girl. She showers everyone she meets in love and instantly brings a smile to their face.
Haley would make a great addition to a calmer household with older children. Haley would also prefer to not live with cats.
This sweet girl does great on walks and is fully house trained. All Haley needs is a loving family and a safe and calm environment where she can relax and enjoy her days.
You can visit Haley at the Dodge County Humane Society any Tuesday or Thursday from 12-7pm. As well as Saturdays from 12-4pm.
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