Haase Talks New Role in Fond Du Lac

(Fond du Lac) Fond du Lac County Communications and Emergency Management Director Amy Haase (hah-see) says there will be a bit of a learning curve in her new role. Haase was with Dodge County Emergency Management for 17 years, the last eight as its director.
She says the dual role with Fond du Lac County, especially running dispatch, is new to her. Haase told us when the news broke about her taking the Fond du Lac job, that she is looking forward to tackling that new challenge in her career.
“The role of being in charge of central communications and dispatch will be new to me and I’m looking forward to the challenge,” says Haase.
Haase says she has worked with dispatch before because sometimes dispatch and emergency management work together on emergency situations including weather events. She notes Fond du Lac County’s Communications Center could handle up to 27 dispatchers, but right now they have 19 or 20 and are in the process of training three new dispatchers.