Grothman Weighs In On Government Shutdown On WBEV

8/26/17 – Congressman Glenn Grothman says if the standoff over funding the Mexican border wall results in a shutdown of the federal government it may not be as big of a deal as it sounds. President Donald Trump said Tuesday night he would veto the next federal government funding bill if it does not include his campaign promise for a border wall — and he told a rally in Phoenix the wall will be built “if we have to close down our government.” House Speaker Paul Ryan of Janesville told reporters in Oregon Wednesday that the G-O-P controlled House has already approved funds for border security, and the more narrowly divided Senate would need more time to do the same. Grothman discusses the possible shutdown when he was our guest on WBEV’s Community Comment yesterday. He says in a government shutdown, it will not be a disaster because the president has the ability to keep as much of the government funded as he wants and anything of urgent necessity would likely be kept running by Trump. The Republican from Glenbeulah says if anything the military would be affected because there is increased spending but otherwise he would not expect it to last too long. Grothman anticipates that there will ultimately be spending that Trump wants in the budget and spending that democrats want.