Grothman Weighs In On Escalating Dairy Farmer Situation

4/13/17 – Governor Scott Walker and all ten of Wisconsin’s U-S House and Senate members have asked federal officials to help state farmers in their trade dispute with Canada. They’re upset that Canadian provinces recently gave them a price break that allowed those farmers to reject specialized U-S milk for cheese. That’s forcing the Grassland and Nasonville dairies in central Wisconsin to soon stop buying milk from about 100 local farmers because the dairies cannot ship the product out. A Canadian trade group says it’s the United States’ problem — but Walker and the state’s congressional members say the price breaks violate Canada’s trade obligations to both Wisconsin and dairy farmers in New York state. We spoke with Congressman Glenn Grothman about the situation yesterday. Grothman says it is a difficult situation that may wind up in court with the World Trade Organization. He the trade issue could be addressed as part of President Donald Trump’s promise to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement. Grothman says sadly this is nothing that the federal government will be able to solve in the next couple months which is something the producers he has met with realize. Dairy farmer contracts with the milk processors end at the end of this month.