Grothman Talks Shut Down, DACA on WBEV

(Beaver Dam) Congressman Glenn Grothman says another government shutdown next month is possible if an agreement cannot be reached between Democrats and Republicans on spending and immigration. Grothman was our guest Tuesday on WBEV’s Community Comment, one day after an agreement was reached that ended a three-day federal government shutdown, at least until February 8. The government’s fiscal year began October 1 but another year has passed without a budget in place by that deadline. In the interim, Congress needs to adopt a resolution that allows government spending to continue at previous levels. Democrats voted against the budget extension saying that an agreement should be reached on immigration policy, specifically on Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. DACA allows immigrants who came to America as children to stay in the country, the so-called dreamers. Republicans agreed to revisit DACA if Democrats moved forward on a temporary spending plan. Grothman says he would like to wrap-up the DACA issued but he is afraid based on all the rhetoric that it is not going to happen. He says Republicans are willing to give some even most dreamers legal status but they realize there are problems with the overall immigration system. Grothman says “the future of America depends on who its immigrants are.” He says that means hand-picking hard-working, skilled individuals not people with criminal records and people on public benefits. Grothman says he would hope that come February 8th if the matter is not resolved that Democrats are willing to extend the deadline again. “We’ll have to see what happens on February 8th,” he says, “maybe we’ll have another shut down at that time.” As far as deportation of dreamers, Grothman says it depends on the individual. He does not think “many are going to be removed unless they’ve done something disruptive to the public peace.”