Grothman Talks Opiates

9/16/17 – Opiates continue to be a growing concern in Wisconsin and across the country. During a recent appearance on WBEV’s Community Comment, Congressman Glenn Grothman says he will be introducing a bill to increase penalties against those caught with intent to sell illegal substances. Grothman says we need to do a better job at securing the nation’s border and guiding physicians to not oversubscribe opiates. Grothman says some of the biggest problems in society today, whether it be the high cost of insurance or the opiate crisis, are caused by the amount of drugs available. Also, Grothman has announced a pair of rescheduled Town Meetings in the area that had been cancelled following a death in his immediate family. The Republican from Glenbeulah will be at the Mount Calvary Village Hall tomorrow from 3pm to 4pm. Later in the evening, Grothman will be at the Watermark Community Center in Beaver Dam from 6pm to 7pm.