Grothman Speaks On United Airlines Controversy

4/15/17 – Congressman Glen Grothman says he would not be surprised to see federal legislation that tries to prevent another incident like the one that occurred this week on United Airlines. Dr. David Dao was forcibly removed from a flight from Chicago to Louisville resulting in a broken nose, lost teeth and a concussion and likely a huge lawsuit against the airline. Grothman tells us that the incident was an embarrassment to not only United Airlines but also the United States.  The Republican from Glenbeulah says it makes the country look horrible when a company gets that far out of control and shows the callousness of some big businesses. He says it is obvious that what they should have done was offer more and more money to their passengers to get off the plane. Grothman says a lot of people would wait 12 hours for a thousand dollars. We asked Grothman if that outrage will translate to increased regulation of the airline industry in respect to overbooking policy. He says legislators will no doubt sit down and look at current policy in the industry. Grothman says while it is important to keep airline tickets cheap he would be surprised if some law is not passed to deal with this type of situation. United has voluntarily vowed to stop having police remove passengers from planes that are too full.