Grothman Holds Town Meeting In Beaver Dam

9/18/17 – Around two dozen citizens turned out yesterday to a Town Meeting in Beaver Dam hosted by Congressman Glenn Grothman. Among the topics addressed by the Republican from Glenbeulah was pending tax reform legislation. Grothman says more lower income people should be paying something into the tax system, even if it is as low as five-percent, because everyone benefits from government services. He says that the corporate tax rate needs to be reduced because it is not competitive in the current global marketplace and American companies will move their headquarters overseas. Questions from the audience touched upon education, environmental policy, the state of the Republican party, immigration and health care. Grothman did not address his position on pre-existing conditions when asked but instead focused on the individual mandate which he says should be left up to the states. He says he is optimistic about an Obamacare replacement bill that he expects to be introduced as early as next week. Grothman told the crowd yesterday that he was frustrated that Republicans have not made more progress while controlling all branches of government but cited as accomplishments a new Veterans Affairs bill and a win in getting a conservative justice on the Supreme Court.


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