Green Lake County Sheriff Commends Public For Adhering To ‘Safer at Home’ Order

(Green Lake) The Green Lake County Sheriff is crediting citizens for adhering to the “Safer at Home” order to help slow the spread of COVID-19. Sheriff Mark Podoll says there have been numerous reports of people doing extraordinary things to fight this pandemic. From making masks, to donating supplies, to random acts of kindness to support each other. Podoll says this type of cohesiveness is what makes this county and community great. He also commends to the support shown to his department and first responders, noting that they cannot be as effective without that support. The Sheriff says his office continues to work hard in response to the coronavirus pandemic. New procedures and protocols are being developed daily as they identify various means of risk mitigation. Podoll adds that their goal is to protect the health of the community while continuing to protect and serve residents in every way possible.