Green Lake County Authorities Say They Create Strong Bonds With Their K9’s

(Green Lake County) Green Lake County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Matt Vande Kolk says the K9’s they use develop a strong bond with their handlers and could put it all on the line if the situation calls for it. He says he believes part of that is instinctual and may go back to their training.

The chief deputy adds that they have an intuitive nature about them to know what is going on and what they can do to aid their handler. He says he’s not sure how much they really know and how much of it is just instinctual.

Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s K9 Iro was shot several times and is recovering from those wounds, but Vande Kolk notes that a situation like that is an exception and not the rule for what their K9s usually go through on the job.

He points out it is not unusual for their K9s to suffer injuries on the job because of the places they are asked to search which are not always safe. Vande Kolk says the dogs also have normal health issues that require veterinary visits.