Green Bay Packers Schedule

Date Opponent Broadcast Time Station
8/9/2018 Tennessee 5p WBEV/WXRO
8/16/2018 Pittsburgh 5p WBEV
8/24/2018 at Oakland 7p WXRO
8/30/2018 at Kansas City 5p WBEV/WXRO
9/9/2018 Chicago 5p WBEV (WXRO JIP)
9/16/2018 Minnesota 10a WBEV
9/23/2018 at Washington 10a WXRO
9/30/2018 Buffalo 10a WXRO
10/7/2018 at Detroit 10a WXRO
10/15/2018 San Francisco 5p WBEV/WXRO
10/28/2018 at Los Angeles 1p WBEV
11/4/2018 at New England 5p WBEV (WXRO JIP)
11/11/2018 Miami 10a WBEV
11/15/2018 at Seattle 5p WBEV/WXRO
11/25/2018 at Minnesota 5p WXRO
12/2/2018 Arizona 10a WXRO (WBEV JIP)
12/9/2018 Atlanta 10a WXRO (WBEV JIP)
12/16/2018 at Chicago 10a WXRO (WBEV JIP)
12/23/2018 at New York 10a WXRO (WBEV JIP)
12/30/2018 Detroit 10a WXRO (WBEV JIP)
*Dates, times, and station are subject to change. Green Bay Packers football is not available online.