Governor Tony Evers Hopeful Legislation Can Curb Gun Violence

(Beaver Dam) Governor Tony Evers is hopeful that there could be bi-partisan support to address gun violence with legislation. Two mass shootings last weekend in Ohio and Texas has put the issue back in the forefront. Speaking with media during a stop in Beaver Dam this week, Evers said the issue is something that “transcends politics.” He will be sitting down with Assembly Leader Robin Voss and Senate Leader Scott Fitzgerald this coming week to discuss the matter. While Evers is concerned about more “stonewalling” on the issue, he did note that the Republican-controlled legislature in Ohio is considering several pieces of legislation that he would like to see in Wisconsin, specifically universal background checks.

A lawsuit filed by a conservative group against Governor Evers alleges his office has excluded the outlet from media events. The suit filed in federal court on Tuesday says the MacIver Institute asked Evers’ office to be added to the media contact list when he took office in January but they never received a response, and have not received advisories on Evers’ news conferences or announcements.

While he did not comment directly on the lawsuit, Evers tells us that transparency has always been and will continue to be the philosophy of his office. He says since the beginning, his office has worked hard to give access to media as often as possible.

“My personal belief is that having great access by every media outlet is important,” Evers says, “for not just accountability for me as governor but for accountability of state government.”

Evers was in Beaver Dam on Thursday touring Church Health Services and discussing health care with local officials.