Governor to Host “Beer and Brat Summit”

6/10/12 – Governor Scott Walker’s beer-and-brat summit will be held on Tuesday. The Republican governor says he wants a kinder-and-gentler state government after he survived Tuesday’s contentious recall election. And his first step was to invite all 132 state legislators to a cookout featuring Wisconsin’s most famous food-and-drink. Democratic Senate leader Mark Miller and Assembly Minority Leader Peter Barca both say they’ll be there. Miller says he welcomes the pledge by Walker to govern in a new way, and he’ll give the Walker the benefit of the hospitality. Milwaukee Senate Democrat Chris Larson says he’d like to attend – but his wife is working, and he has to stay home with their one-year-old. And Larson took a dig at the event, calling it a “great photo-op.” He said he’s more interested in creating jobs than getting a brat-and-a-beer. Larson also Walker also took the same tactic after being elected as Milwaukee County Executive, meeting with the supervisors but not including them in his policy initiatives. Walker said on Wednesday he realized there were still frayed nerves, and not all lawmakers would want to attend.