Governor Signs “R” Word Bills From Jagler, Fitzgerald

(Juneau) The governor signed a bill Tuesday authored by two Dodge County Republicans that removes sensitive wording from state administrative code. The legislation from Representative John Jagler of Watertown and Senator Scott Fitzgerald of Juneau replaces the “r-word” with the phrase “intellectual disability.” Jagler says having a daughter with Down syndrome; he knows how hurtful the r-word can be. He says updating the terminology will go a long way into making state government more respectful of its citizens with disabilities. Fitzgerald says he is glad that the Governor Evers has decided to sign the bill and offered his appreciation to Jagler for his work on this bill.  He says this term has no place in Wisconsin administrative code and that their bill offers a permanent fix to this problem.

“I’m glad that the governor has decided to sign this bill. This term has no place in Wisconsin’s administrative code and our bill offers a permanent fix to this problem. I want to thank my Assembly colleague, Rep. Jagler, for his work on this, and thank the governor for taking swift action on our legislation.” – Senator Fitzgerald





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