Governor Evers Tours Beaver Dam’s Church Health Services

(Beaver Dam) Governor Tony Evers toured Church Health Services in Beaver Dam on Thursday. Church Health is a non-profit that provides medical services to the un-insured and under-insured in the Dodge County-area. Evers asked about how the need has grown since the organization opened its doors 25 years ago. Church Health Board President Shirley Kitchen says they began as a small operation focused on medical but then adapted to the needs of the community, adding dental and then mental health services. Kitchen says they are trying to work with schools to provide mental health services for students but they do not have the staff nor the means to serve every school in Dodge County. Evers noted that there is clearly an extraordinary need for health care in Wisconsin and says he will continue to push for expanded Medicaid in Wisconsin.


Watch Evers conversation with members of the Church Health Services Board of Directors:


Listen to Evers conversation here: