GOP Senators May Get Extra Month to Campaign

6/7/11 – All six Republican state senators who are up for recall elections this summer might get an extra month to prepare. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel columnist Dan Bice says the G-O-P is lining up loyal Republicans to run as Democrats in primaries for all six contests. That way, the real Democrats will be busy in the primaries while the Republican lawmakers get an extra month to put their campaigns in order. Yesterday, we learned that fake Democrats were planning to force primaries for the opponents of G-O-P senators Luther Olsen of Ripon and Randy Hopper of Fond du Lac. There was also talk that a spoiler Democrat would run for Republican Dan Kapanke’s seat in La Crosse. Senate Democratic Leader Mark Miller calls it “dirty tricks” to “deny democracy.” But state G-O-P director Stephan Thompson says it’s only fair, because Republican senators are busy acting on a state budget while their Democratic opponents have already hit the campaign trail. Bice says there’s no indication that Democrats are doing the same to give their own party’s senators a leg up. Three Democrats face possible recalls. The senators are being targeted for their actions connected with the bill to limit collective bargaining by most public employee unions.