GOP Lawmaker Opposes Full Pot Legalization

7/15/17 – At least one Republican state lawmaker says she could live with the decriminalization of marijuana if it’s done at the federal level. But Representative Kathy Bernier of Lake Hallie tells the Eau Claire Leader Telegram she opposes a full legalization in Wisconsin, which is what Madison Assembly Democrat Melissa Sargent is proposing. Sargent’s bill would allow state residents at least 21 years old to have no more than two ounces of marijuana. It would ban transfers of the drug by mail or online, and create a registry so those who need the drug for medical reasons can get it.  Sargent says her bill probably won’t pass this session, but she believes a “big conversation” on the subject is needed at some time. Among other things, Sargent says it could raise revenue to help with budget shortfalls.