GoFundMe Page Started For BDPD To Join Project Lifesaver

11/12/17 – Donations can now be made online for those who want to contribute to an effort to bring a program to locate missing persons to the Beaver Dam Police Department. Project LifeSaver is a nationwide, non-profit effort that works with local search and rescue units to monitor individuals with a tendency to wander, perhaps due to cognitive conditions such as autism, dementia, Alzheimer’s and Down syndrome. A wristwatch-sized device with a small FM radio transmitter is attached to a wrist or ankle. The transmitter emits a radio signal which is trackable using a receiver operated by law enforcement or other first responders. Organizers say having Beaver Dam police officers equipped and trained in the program would benefit everyone in the area and save time in locating those who have wandering off. The Beaver Dam Police Department is looking to raise roughly $10-thousand dollars to acquire the needed equipment and provide training sessions for officers. The intent is to also establish a reserve fund to help ease the financial burden for those who need help paying the costs for the regular replacement of batteries and disposable wristbands. Donations can be brought to the BMO Harris Bank on Park Avenue in Beaver Dam or to the Beaver Dam Police Department. Online donations can now be made on the website GoFundMe