Glewen Starts Working Full-Time As Mayor Today

5/1/17 – Beaver Dam Mayor Becky Glewen begins her position running the city in earnest today and presides over her first full council meeting tonight. Glewen was elected last month and she discussed the first few weeks on the job with us Friday on WBEV’s Community Comment. Friday was also her last day on the job in the private sector having given over three weeks notice to her employer, Green Valley Enterprises, upon securing the election on April 5. In addition to being elected to alderwoman for the first time last year, she was elected to the Dodge County Board, a position she will keep. Glewen says she has been working with a community group since before being elected and is moving forward with applying for an energy sustainability grant. She says it is worth exploring the possibility that an investment in a matching grant for solar panels on city buildings could reap benefits in the long run. The initial grant being considered would be for an audit of the city’s energy usage which would pave the way for future grants for equipment. The modest grant for the energy initiative is offered through the Office of Energy Innovation with the Wisconsin State Energy Office.