Glewen Says Solar Panels Plan Good For City

(Beaver Dam) Beaver Dam Mayor Becky Glewen says she is excited by the potential benefits of installing solar panels on two city-owned buildings. After the recent awarding of a state grant, city staff began researching ways to save on energy costs while at the same time getting a return on investment. A part of that research lead to a plan that allowed the city to secure a $62-thousand-dollar solar project grant to place solar panels on top of city hall and the Watermark Community and Senior Center. Glewen told us recently on WBEV’s Community Comment that the project keeps Beaver Dam up-to-date with current energy saving trends and can attract younger individuals to live in a city where energy savings is taken seriously. While the state grant covers a small portion, the entire project cost will be roughly $220-thousand dollars. However, there are private benefactors that will help cover those costs. Philanthropists can take advantage of federal tax credits by paying the up-front cost for the solar panels, or LED lights, which can help the city save on energy costs immediately. Glewen says she has had good conversations with the third-party benefactor and says that he has a passion to see this project move forward. Glewen says the plan is expected to save the city $4000 in year one and – if the panels are purchased by the city in seven years – a total of $800-thousand dollars over 25 years.  The solar panels must be in place by November or the city would lose the grant dollars.