Glewen Outlines Plan To Reduce Mayor’s Position To Part-Time

(Beaver Dam) Beaver Dam Mayor Becky Glewen discussed her plan to move the city to a part-time mayor and full-time city administrator when she was our guest Friday on WBEV’s Community Comment. A plan that advanced out of committee this month takes the initial steps toward the restructuring by reducing the job responsibilities of another position: the Director of Administration, which is currently held by John Somers who is retiring at the end of April.

That director’s position is largely tasked with finance matters but many of those responsibilities could be reduced to that of a city clerk/ treasurer with remaining tasks shifted to the new city administrator, under the potential restructuring. Glewen says the city needs to move forward being as competitive as possible and she strongly believes in the restructuring. She says the council and mayor would work on the vision for the community while the city administrator would handle the daily operations.

Glewen agreed Friday when it was noted that she would not be leading the city in the way she has under a part-time mayor form of government. She said under her plan, a master’s degree would not be needed to be hired as a city administrator in Beaver Dam. She also indicated that she would not be interested in the position as it would not be appropriate, even though she currently performs many of the same functions as a city administrator.

While Glewen did not have estimated costs for the restructuring, she did say that it would not break even. She noted there would be savings from the reduction in the mayors $60-thousand-dollar salary to part-time but there would be a gap and city officials need to have the conversation on how to address the gap. Glewen says Beaver Dam is a growing city and if the municipality is going to continue to grow she says the city needs to move in this direction.

The process of altering the organizational structure would require changing the city charter, a potentially lengthy process. Any changes to the mayor’s position would take place with the next election for mayor. Glewen hopes to hold community meetings in coming months to get input from the public.


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