Glenn Grothman Says There Has Been Positive Movement Combating Opioid Issue

(Beaver Dam) Congressman Glenn Grothman says there has been positive movement towards combating the opioid crises but much work still needs to be done. Grothman highlighted a few of the changes when he was our guest recently on WBEV’s Community Comment. He says while the pharmaceutical companies have been a part of the problem by over-prescribing opiates, federal guidance’s have changed the number of pills that are being dealt into the public. Grothman says other changes include a higher possibility of stricter border control and stiffer penalties. Grothman says discrepancies in penalties across county lines for the distribution of heroin and opiates needs to be addressed moving forward. He says plans are in the work to bring in a high-level member of the Trump administration to the area to do a listening session on the opioid epidemic.

Listen to Glenn Grothman on WBEV’s Community Comment: