Glenn Grothman Encourages Safe Reopening Of Hospitals For Elective Surgeries

(Beaver Dam) Congressman Glenn Grothman would like to see the safe reopening of Wisconsin hospitals and medical facilities to elective surgeries and other non-essential procedures. He feels the projections as to how many beds would be needed for the COVID-19 outbreak were way off. He says currently the average hospital in Wisconsin has under three COVID-19 patients with many having just one or even none. During a recent appearance on WBEV’s Community Comment, Grothman said many people are not able to receive lifesaving medical treatments such as getting heart stents, replacing a heart valve or diagnostic testing. Grothman encourages hospitals to begin opening up and start offering non-essential services which he notes in some instances are essential. Within the last week, Marshfield Medical Center-Beaver Dam and the Waupun Hospital announced that they will be performing limited amount of elective surgeries and procedures.

Interview with Glenn Grothman begins at the 16:50 mark.