Glenn Grothman Calls Shift In Congress A ‘Disaster’

(Beaver Dam) US Representative Glenn Grothman discussed with us the recent shift in Congress from Republican to Democratic control. Grothman called the shift a disaster losing 39 seats, saying it means severely liberal people will have some very powerful positions. Republicans lost 6 Seats in California, 4 seats in New Jersey, and 3 seats each in Virginia, Pennsylvania and New York. He believes people don’t realize what a problem this is, saying he gets along with many of the democrats in congress, but he sees open borders all the way, more money for social programs and deeper debt. Grothman thinks it will be very difficult to get to get any sort of welfare reform through, but he is willing to work with the democrats.

We caught up with Grothman at the Beaver Dam Chamber of Commerce’s Economic Update Luncheon last Wednesday. The event also saw updates from the mayor, county board chairman and school superintendent. Those conversations, along with the keynote speech delivered by Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation President Mark Hogan, can be found in their entirety at