Fox Lake Murder Suspect’s Mom Denies Killing The Victim

(Juneau) The mother of a Fox Lake murder suspect testified in court Thursday. The state is prosecuting Laverne Ware Jr. for the murder of his girlfriend and first cousin, Sesalie Dixon. However, the defense argues that the defendant’s mother, Marjorie Jones, is the actual perpetrator of the crime; a claim that Jones adamantly denies. When the defense questioned her, she called them liars.

Ware’s attorneys maintain that Jones was upset because Dixon had stolen money, pills and her 59-year-old, live-in boyfriend. They say this sent Jones “over the edge” and resulted in murder. Dixon’s body was found in Ware’s pickup truck at a home that was purchased by Ware for his mother. The defense noted that a bullet and the keys to that truck were located inside of Jones’ purse. Once again, Jones denied any knowledge of those facts.

The defense argues that Jones resented Dixon over an inheritance Ware received from his father, of which she saw nothing. They say that Jones believed that Dixon was not only losing her son but, also her money, to Dixon. Jones disagreed and said she was content with her son being the beneficiary. Jones testified that the money was never the primary concern she had of Ware’s incestual relationship with Dixon. She said the blood running through Ware’s veins was the same blood running through Dixon’s which made them close enough to be siblings.

District Attorney Kurt Klomberg focused his questioning on several recorded statements Jones made to police in 2016. In the audio played before the jury Jones said (quote) “[Ware] told me that he killed Sesalie and he put her in a car or a truck.” While prosecutors say the voice in the recordings sounded like Jones, she offered up her own explanation as to the origin of the comments. She said that the police department “fixed” the tips to make her say that.

Jones said she was high on crack/cocaine and was on various pills following a tooth surgery when she spoke to police in 2016. She added that she could have said things that “probably” did not happen.

Jones was sentenced to six years in prison last year for helping conceal the murder. The two-week jury trial is scheduled to come to an end Friday.