Fox Lake Murder Suspect Seeks To Represent Himself

9/8/17 – After going through several defense attorney’s, a Fox Lake man accused of murdering his girlfriend wants to represent himself. Judge Brian Pfitzinger yesterday heard a request by Laverne Ware Jr. to waive his right to counsel. Ware is accused of murdering his girlfriend and cousin, Sesalie Dixon, last December. The 27-year-old was found in the cab of Ware’s pick-up truck inside a Fox Lake garage with a gunshot wound to the head. Ware has gone through four sets of attorneys so far with the most recent counsel withdrawing from the case three weeks ago. The 37-year-old Ware also had five arraignment hearings postponed before entering a not guilty plea last month and had a new judge assigned in May. A review hearing for Ware is scheduled for next Friday and a two-week jury is currently scheduled to begin April 9.