Fox Lake May Soon Require Lock Boxes Outside Businesses

(Fox Lake) The city of Fox Lake may soon require commercial and multi-family properties to have a lock box installed outside their business that would contain a key accessible only by emergency responders. The common council held first reading last (Wednesday) night on an ordinance that would require installation of a “key lock box” on the outside of private and public buildings so that emergency crews can get into structures faster to save lives and property. The lock box will have to contain keys to not only access the building but also any interior doors with locks, including locked rooms containing fire control systems and mechanical rooms along with keys for any elevator controls. The ordinance specifically requires the use of Knox-brand lock boxes. The cost of the lock box would be a responsibility of the property owner. In addition to commercial and multi-family properties, the lock box would also need to be installed at government buildings, nursing home facilities and all public and private educational facilities. Residential properties are not part of the ordinance.  A public hearing and vote on the lock box mandate will be held at the Fox Lake Common Council’s February 7th meeting.