Fox Lake Man Arraigned For Coyote Theft

5/4/17 – A Fox Lake man accused of stealing money from Coyote Gas and Liquor in Beaver Dam last month was in arraigned yesterday (Wed). Donald McRae pled not guilty to felony Theft of Movable Property. Prosecutors say the 36-year-old bought a bag of chips in the store at 1300 North Spring Street. When the clerk opened the register, he began punching with a closed fist in the direction of the clerk’s chest, saying “get away or I’ll start shooting.” McRae fled with around $300. He was apprehended ten hours later after the suspect’s parents saw his picture posted on social media and alerted authorities. His parents said that McRae has a drug problem and told investigators where he got his drugs. An officer parked nearby and after about an hour spotted his vehicle and conducted a high-risk traffic stop.  McRae allegedly admitted to police that he took money from Coyote and said that he did not initially intend to commit the crime instead “it just happened.” He did express regret saying that it was a poor decision made while he was drunk and high and added (quote) “to be honest, this is what I needed.” If convicted, the charge carries a maximum sentence of ten years in prison.