Fox Lake Council Approves Liquor License For Leroy Meats

(Fox Lake) A huge turnout at Wednesday night’s Fox Lake City Council meeting as residents came to voice their opinion on a resolution to award a Class B liquor license to Leroy Meats of Horicon Inc.  Earlier this year, the council approved a resolution to reserve a license as part of an approved business plan for the Fox Lake location for Leroy Meats.  Several residents of Fox Lake were on hand to voice their concerns against, or support of, the granting of the license which will allow Leroy Meats to sell intoxicating liquor for consumption on the premises as well as the sale of sealed containers for consumption elsewhere.

Scott Hurst, co-owner of Leroy Meats of Horicon, was on hand to speak on behalf of the business, asking the council to grant his business the license that had been reserved.  Tim Nehls owner of Fish Tales Bait and Liquor asked the council to deny the license claiming that it would put his smaller business in jeopardy. After much debate Leroy Meats was awarded the reserved Class B license.

Nehls says that he is not happy with the council’s decision but he will respect it. He plans to “keep pushing on” and says that in the end things will work out for the best.  Nehls says that in a small community of only 1400 people he hates to see division and says Fox Lake does not need division.

Hurst expressed his gratitude over the decision saying that although it is costing him $10-thousand dollars, he is happy that they can continue with their business plan and have their grand opening.  He believes that the addition of Leroy Meats to Fox Lake will be great for the community.