Fox Lake Business Owner Accused Of Soliciting Sex Acts From Employees

(Fox Lake) A Fox Lake business owner was charged Tuesday with soliciting sexual acts from his employees. Christopher Schenkel, who owns the auto broker dealer Beaver Dam Argo, is facing three felony counts of Solicitation of Prostitutes. Last September, detectives with the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office were called out to the business after Schenkel filed a complaint that an employee took checks and cashed them without his permission.

In talking with the individual Schenkel accused, she allegedly told authorities that Schenkel had paid her and other members of his staff for sexual acts. The victim told investigators that Schenkel would (quote) “buy you” and would only employ female workers. She reportedly said that the females would be allowed to consume drugs at the business, drink alcohol and that there was no limitations on sex acts.

The victim also provided text conversations with Schenkel that allegedly discussed setting up sexual favors. One text from Schenkel apparently read: “Don’t apologize for having moral and standards, wish I still had some. Maybe perhaps there is a middle ground, gray area we could both find workable.” Another text from Schenkel is said to read: “I appreciate that you [sic] just thought of something it’s only the money part for paying for triple X stuff [sic] that’s illegal right?”

A second victim reportedly told investigators that Schenkel would pay her an average of $40-to-$50 dollars for a half-hour of sex acts which continued for twice each week for roughly two-to-three years. Another victim allegedly said that Schenkel would offer her money for sex acts so she could pay for her drug addiction.

In September, authorities executed a search warrant at Beaver Dam Argo. In talking with Schenkel he reportedly admitted to having sex with the females at his business and also had written contracts for them to sign that indicated that they were not being forced to have sex with him. Schenkel denied ever paying the females for sex acts but said he would give them money for various jobs and to help them out. During the search, detectives found what appeared to be typed contracts signed by two different women. If convicted, the 60-year-old faces up to 12 years in prison. An initial appearance is scheduled for May 14.