Former Waupun Guard Accused Of Smuggling Drugs, Cell Phones

(Waupun) Charges were filed Monday against a Michigan man who is accused of smuggling drugs and cell phones into Waupun Correctional while he worked at the prison. Jeff Groleau is facing three felony counts of Conspiracy to Commit Delivery of Cocaine, Non-Narcotics and THC as well as three additional felony counts of Deliver Illegal Articles to an Inmate.

In February of 2017, while Groleau was still assigned as a corrections officer, he allegedly began communicating with an inmate to make arrangements for bringing in cell-phones, cocaine, heroin, marijuana and the opioid medication Suboxone. Two months later, prison staff received a so-called snitch note that led authorities to a suspect who was tied to the inmate Groleau was reportedly in correspondence with. She told detectives that the she and the inmate were dating but denied delivering or the knowledge of anyone bringing in contraband to the prison. A search of her property uncovered a cell phone with Groleau’s number in it.

When interviewed by investigators, Groleau reportedly said that he would meet up with the woman at local convenient stores where she would give him phones and drugs to bring into the prison. Groleau said the inmate would sell the contraband to help pay for legal fees. Groleau allegedly told investigators that heroin was given to him in exchange for delivering the illegal items. The woman who was reportedly in charge of obtaining the contraband for Groleau to bring into the prison committed suicide just two days after the search warrant was issued at her property. If convicted on all counts, the 29-year-old faces up to 30 years in prison. An initial appearance is scheduled for next month.